Hartwig & Henderson

Hartwig & Henderson was founded in 1977 by Mr Desmond Hartwig and Mr Keith Henderson. Today, more than 35 years later, we are a fully managed family business offering alarms 24HR Monitoring, Armed Response, Electric Fencing, CCTV and Access Control.  For more info contact us on 043 726 8742 or visit our website


The Specialists

Weed control, mattress cleaning; flee control, carpet upholstery cleaning, ant control, hygiene consumables, vegetation management, rodent control, bathroom dispensers, certified export fumigation, contract cleaning.  For more info contact us on 043 726 0066 or email or  send an email


Mambo’s Plastic Warehouse

We store, organise and prepare our lives using plastic products every day. This is because they provide great value by being reusable, versatile, recyclable and affordable to name just a few indispensable features. For this reason, plastic ware has served its purpose well and isn’t going to be losing appeal anytime soon…For more info contact us on 043 726 3679 or visit our website



Midlanes Sleep Shop

We sell beds, comfortable and affordable beds. Get a healthy sleep, avoid body aches, have a healthy life & wake up happy & refreshed. For more info contact us on 043 726 2252 or send an email or visit our website



Kempston Lifestyle Centre

For amazing quality toys for boys and dads, little or big, look no further. We also stock a range of watches, sunglasses, clothing and much more. Visit our coffee shop & play area for children to make your shopping experience so much more enjoyable.  For more info contact Odette on 043 555 0333.


Hoovatic Services

Repairs and service to household appliances. Stockist of vacuum pipes, bags, brushes and filters. Used appliances for sale. For more info contact us on 043 722 8842 or send an email



Wonderland Online

Imagination is an integral part of any child’s development, it enhances cognitive and social skills. Many studies show that ‘make-believe’ strengthens a wide variety of mental abilities, including sustained attention, memory, logical reasoning, language and literacy skills, imagination and creativity. For more info contact us on 082 654 9479 or send an email