Game on…Finally, Port Elizabeth’s gamers have a home

Game on…Finally, Port Elizabeth’s gamers have a home

By Jesica Slabbert


With the revival of gaming as a popular pastime for both adults and kids, Port Elizabeth gamers were over the moon when a new gaming store, aptly named Game On, recently opened at the Lorraine Garden Centre.


Owned by Nicholas Gunston, who also co-owns Gunston’s Gastropub at Bridge Street, the store is fast gaining a reputation as one of the best sources for many of the popular game titles as well as consoles and other gear.


“I just love gaming. I’ve always been very passionate about it, and buying and selling and I think that’s the main reason why I did it,” says Nicolas.


Game On specializes in new and pre-owned games, hardware and merchandise with a dedicated eSports lounge. You can also bring in your gaming console in when you need to update your system, but don’t have affordable or reliable internet at home.


Nicolas adds that a new gaming lounge is also in the works, where friends can get together and play the latest games for as long as they want!


Birthday parties for your gamer kids can also be held here.


For more information, call 071 025 5665 today.