Holmeleigh Farmyard, it’s a fantastic kids’ party venue

Kids Party Cake Blowout Candles

By Graeme Lund Organising a fun and memorable kiddie’s party is no easy matter and most parents look on these events with trepidation. Planning, co-ordinating and arranging a party is not only expensive, but also very time consuming. My advice, and I speak with experience, having four daughters, is to hand the party over to … Read moreHolmeleigh Farmyard, it’s a fantastic kids’ party venue

Why your kids need Superheroes


By Jesica Slabbert Today, we see Superheroes everywhere we turn, in movies, books, TV series, cartoons, you name it. So, with heroes showing up around every corner, it’s no wonder kids want to dress up as heroes whenever they get the chance. Seeing your kids dressed as Spiderman or Wonder woman is definitely adorable, but … Read moreWhy your kids need Superheroes

Top tips for hassle-free travel with children

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Provided by cheapflights.co.za Do it all for them Don’t let the kids pack their own things. There are very strict rules and regulations as to what can and can’t be taken onto a fight. The last thing anyone needs is to be stopped at the security check for something as silly as a sharp-looking toy. … Read moreTop tips for hassle-free travel with children