Night Wandering

Sleep Walking Child

By Janet Bands Leaving his/her bed and wandering around the house at night, is a habit which the child develops early and which can last for years. The two year old who has learned how to climb out of his cot delights in practicing his new skill and does so repeatedly. As the child gets … Read moreNight Wandering

Khula Education: Innovation through Early Education

“Khula” means to grow, and Kelly Ferreira and her team at Khula Education team are passionate about growing the potential of young children in preparation for their crucial pre-primary school years. Specialising in the holistic development of children aged 4 years and younger, Khula Kids Playschool provides a wholesome, child-centred, learn-through-play approach to assist little … Read moreKhula Education: Innovation through Early Education

To try baby-led weaning or not?

By Shelley Heunis Introducing solids is such an exciting time for the whole family, but it’s also a much debated and spoken about topic amongst mothers. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that at around 6 months of age complementary foods should be introduced in addition to breast milk or formula, with a gradual increase … Read moreTo try baby-led weaning or not?