From forest to form

Kids playing on grass

Many children nowadays spend too much time looking at a screen. Teachers often complain that the kids of today lack muscle condition because of all the time they spend seated in front of a cell phone, tablet, computer or TV.

What kids need is more time outdoors, more time being active and more time having fun with physical activities. The problem is that the competition for a child’s attention nowadays is stiff. iPad vs the garden? The iPad is most likely to win; but a garden with a Jungle Gym, well, now the playing field is more fun!

To help your kids rediscover the great outdoors, talk to Lyn and Mark Krebser, who founded Port Elizabeth’s most comprehensive supplier of outdoor timber products, Windsor Forest Products, in 1995 with a small sawmill on their farm in Katberg.

“It was quite a primitive operation, felling trees in the plantation and dragging them out using oxen,” Mark remembers.

In 2000, they moved to PE and expanded their business through value added manufacturing. They began processing the sawn timber into decks, fences and jungle gyms amongst a wealth of other products.

“Through the years we’ve accumulated much knowledge in the timber industry and have taken our products from forest to final form,” describes Mark.

Lyn adds, “Many of our staff in Port Elizabeth started at Windsor as casuals, while still at school, and are still with us many years later. Their commitment to the Windsor family has been amazing and makes going to work such a pleasure. It’s no exaggeration saying that the Windsor staff has more Jungle Gyms under their belts than any other company in South Africa!”

Windsor has established a good reputation with most of the schools and learning institutions in the Eastern Cape and has always tried to provide excellent service.

“Making children happy is a wonderful way of working. It is so rewarding driving around Port Elizabeth and noticing how many fences, decks, Jungle Gyms and pergolas we have installed over the past 18 years….and they are still going strong!” says Lyn.

She continues, “We believe that some schools have neglected to put enough emphasis on outdoor play and their equipment. Tactile development and stimulation in children through outdoor play is essential!”

Mark adds; “Windsor’s longevity is demonstrated by our commitment to our clients – with creativity, safety and durability an important factor in our construction.

“We would love to assist you in designing creative play grounds and Jungle gyms, decks, pergola’s and fences. We adhere to the safety requirements as specified in the SABS manual and are Health and Safety compliant. We are also an accredited supplier for government tenders.”

Want to get your kids to enjoy the outdoors? Contact Windsor Forest Products on 041 3671422 or email today.

Photo credit: Pressfoto / Freepik